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Health Matters was chosen by WELCOA as one of the Top 100 Health Promotion Professionals in the U.S.!

Get Your Skin in the Game!

May is all about Skin Cancer Prevention & Detection.

It's Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month.

How's Your Pressure Gauge?

It's Stroke Awareness Month. 1 in 3 American adults has high blood pressure (CDC). Do you? When was the last time you had your blood pressure checked?

Healthy "Table Talk" - Listen

Get some quiet time with the kids - at the table, in the car, or on the go. Start some Table Talk. It's a great way to create connections. The topic and guidelines change monthly.


Tune in! Sleep matters. If you don't snooze, you are less likely to lose weight, you may become moody, and your energy may be as low as the floor. The quality of your sleep matters. It matters a whole lot!